Electronic check-in & capacity management for all types of events

Ensuring a faster check-in is one of the most important processes for event organizers to get right. You probably aim this first attendees’ interaction to be more flawless and less time-consuming at your event. While assuring that, the beamian platform also improves event safety by giving live numbers about your venue capacity.

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On-site registration

The beamian system gives event organizers access to their entire registration database during the event.

Real-time data

You can benefit from real-time data and registration reports, without any information loss.

Access control

Control entries and exits to specific sessions, conference rooms or VIP areas by accessing live numbers from different zones.

Full capacity alerts

Have you imagined having real-time alerts whenever you near your maximum capacity at the different areas of your event? You can have it now.

Contactless technology

The touch points of your event will be secured by our contactless smart badges. You can create both personalized and safe experiences with this event technology solution.

Smart badges

Set up your attendees with smart badges (it only takes a few seconds to encode) and and streamline their event experience. Think barcodes, but way better.

Live dashboards

Get a live view of numbers relating to each area of your event and manage your crowd density.

Event insights

With the beamian live dashboard you can easily monitor and manage your event based on an integrated approach.

We've a great way to show you how event tech can work for your virtual, hybrid or live event.

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We understand people don’t like waiting in lines. And we also understand that you must ensure your event safety with a capacity management solution for events and venues. With the beamian platform, you can enhance every step of your attendee journey whilst collecting valuable data about your event.

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