What does it take to keep attendees engaged throughout your event?

Attendees Engagement Solutions for In-Person, Hybrid & Virtual Events

If you want to maximize your event engagement and know how to measure your attendees engagement, you’ve come to the right place. And that will make the difference for the overall success of your event, because an involved audience will get more out of it, retain more, interact more and encourage others to do so as well. And your exhibitors will collect more qualified leads.

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Event engagement

Better tools of exchanging contact information can highly improve your event engagement. Use NFC technology or QR codes to replace paper business cards, capture leads in a more effectively way, share brochures, or to do some gamification.

Live interactions

Your attendees will only need to tap their personal smart badge to the beamer. And you can then download all the data to a spreadsheet or other digital recording method. As add-ons, you can inclusively integrate live apps or an online voting system to promote event audience engagement.

Live streaming

What about using live stream to engage more people? Live streaming allows to extend events to users who weren’t able to make it, engage international audiences, and generate online buzz about it.

Online engagement

If people see how stunning your event is online, they’ll be more likely to buy a ticket for any future live editions. In the end, it’s all about engaging as many people as possible in the most relevant way.

We've a great way to show you how event tech can work for your virtual, hybrid or live event.

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The beamian platform allows event organizers to better understand their audience by using event technology to build great opportunities that encourage attendees engagement and to capture metrics to keep track of it.

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