Production Services for Digital Events

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1. Get your virtual event production service for 100% remote speakers 

2. Manage seamlessly online and on-site speakers for hybrid events

Focus on your content strategy. Create an eye-catching event agenda. Invite interesting speakers. And rely on beamian's production service.

We’ll manage each detail with precision, from recording, streaming, or planning logistics for your digital events – whether they’re 100% virtual or hybrid.

Virtual Event Production Services

Remote Speakers Management

Up to 10 speakers, depending on location.

On-site Speakers Management

Includes camera placement.

Alignment of Sessions & Scripts

Includes tests with speakers.

Incorporation of Brand Elements

Oracle and background customization.

Professional Live Streaming

Signal composition of cameras and webcams.

Broadcasting to External Platforms

Such as YouTube Live or Facebook Live.

Event Production FAQs

1. What is virtual event production?

It’s the audiovisual production and event technology used to deliver a virtual or hybrid events. Virtual event production can include services, equipment and the support of technical experts.

2. Why invest in a virtual producer?

To provide a great attendee experience, you’ll need audiovisual equipment and resources to support the behind-the-scenes of your event. Remember – anything that looks overly amateurish, blurry or improvised is probably going to turn your audience off.

3. When to consider audiovisual production?

  • When your internal staff has limited resources;
  • When your virtual event includes a higher number of speakers and/or sessions;
  • When it requires multiple technical elements such as background music, pre-recorded video, or visual transitions.

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