Hybrid Event Management Platform

Don't choose between virtual or face-to-face.
Always offer a digital experience within a flexible event platform that easily adapts.
No more Zoom fatigue. Get to know a way around to manage virtual or hybrid events.

Organizing virtual conferences, trade shows and especially virtual job fairs, aren’t exactly the same as hosting webinars. It’s time to grow up your virtual events and start offering meaningful networking experiences that actually deliver value and raise revenue. 

Attendance Control

1. Online Registration & Ticketing

Benefit from digital solutions for attendance control and even monetize your event through ticket sales (optional). 

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Private Access for Content Management

2. Autonomous Management

Leave the virtual event content to the exhibitors, allowing them to upload company info and files with ease.

Drive Attendees to Your Virtual Exhibit Hall

3. Attractive Exhibition Halls

Start by showcasing your exhibitors and get the opportunity to generate additional revenue by highlighting premium partners.

Exhibition Virtual Stands

4. Product Showcasing

Promote event interaction through virtual stands and enable virtual product demos to increase lead capture.

Drive Virtual Networking

5. Networking Area

Let your exhibitors engage with each other via chat or connect through group or one-to-one video meetings / interviews.

Reports & Analytics

6. Event Data

Event performance can be easily measured through hard data points and interactive networking solutions. Access detailed reports about your event interactions and get to measure your event ROI.

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What's different about organizing virtual events within the beamian event management platform?

Customer Support

Receive dedicated guidance at all stages of your event, from set-up to customized booklets.

Hybrid Platform

Get the best from virtual and hybrid events due to integrated features.

Effective Lead Capture

Boost profits and generate qualified leads for your virtual corporate events.

Data Collection

Start measuring the impact of your online events with a diverse interaction view.

No Membership

We don’t require any monthly or annual fee. Pay per event or get a subscription for recurring events.

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