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Professional Live Streaming Service for Events

Live streaming platform for expertly broadcasting hybrid & virtual events

1. Get the full experience with our private live streaming service 

2. Choose to use external video feeds from other video hosting platforms 

Private Streaming Platform

Private video sharing

Host videos for internal use without assigning any rights of use.

Public video sharing

Reach a larger audience that goes beyond authorized viewers.

Unlimited capacity

Benefit from a high streaming quality for unlimited viewers*.

*Without paying per viewer.

1. Video Monetization

Require your viewers to pay for access to generate a revenue stream for your live broadcasts, which can also be enhanced by paid subscriptions and advertisements.

2. Secure Live Stream

Benefit from professional-grade privacy and security features, such as password protection for your videos and SSL encryption for payment information.

3. Event Stream Processing

Keep abreast of the key decisions to be taken within image capture, processing and transmission phases. Will you use in-house experts or outsourcers?


Experience professional performance

Streaming Hours
Get pricing

Live stream events without limits of time, viewers or sessions

Perform live broadcasting or video on demand tasks with high video quality and without pop-up experiencing

Access trusted production agencies and professional streaming studios specialized in video production & quality control, content creation and live stream encoding

4. Virtual Event Platform

Get to know our full virtual event solution

Reach the full potential of online engagement with cost-effective experiences that impact a wider range of audiences.

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