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Lisbon, 2021

beamian’s capacity control app has reached more than 11.000 venues and 70 countries

From the Miami Heat arena in Florida to the organic food markets in Australia, the usability of HeadCounter in different socio-economic and cultural contexts is quite clear.

beamian’s free people counting tool is already being used by more than 11.000 venues in 70 different countries. The HeadCounter app allows the count, in real time, of how many people go in and out of any establishment open to the public – as the retail, hospitality, and events sectors.

The app Premium version allows users to share their capacity publicly, which means that everyone can access the capacity numbers of a certain space in real time. And, thus, decide in advance which is the best time to attend it, avoiding crowds.

To facilitate user experience, beamian also released some helpful tips so that those responsible for the spaces can easily promote this advantage near their customers:

  • Provide a QR Code to access the count in physical/digital format;
  • Provide a URL to access the count (through social media and/or website);
  • Send an SMS to customers with the URL to access the count;
  • Suggest installing a direct shortcut to the count access URL on customers’ mobile devices.

Within Europe, HeadCounter app units have been strongest in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Italy and France. On the other side of the Atlantic, it’s in the United States, Canada and Brazil that numbers have soared, along with Australia and New Zealand driving growth outside European territory. 

“HeadCounter was born as a way of making available to society one of the beamian’s most requested solutions – the access control and capacity management – free of charge and independent of our events platform.  Having arrived at a key moment for the recovery of the economy in 2020, this contribution had, and still has, the clear objective of helping business owners to re-establish their activities safely, respecting all the fixed capacity standards. After almost a year, it’s exciting to see how the recognition has come to us, even somewhat surprisingly, opening new avenues of growth for the company in dozens of countries.”, claims Sérgio Pinto, Founder & CEO in beamian. 

HeadCounter is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For further information on HeadCounter, please email or visit the beamian product page.