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Change the way you collect leads at your trade show through digital transformation.

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An interactive lead capture solution

Collecting business contacts is one of the main advantages the fairs & venues have to offer. What about doing business with 100% of security and without any loss of information?

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What does a trade show looks like with beamian? 

Let’s outline the event experience from the beginning.

Smart badge is the new visitor card
A new engagement tool
beamian offers an ID technology solution that improves and simplifies the experience for both visitors and companies. The contact sharing and the collected data about interactions between them during the event happens through a unique smart badge that acts like a visitor card. It is just needed to simply placing it on the stand of each exhibitor that, in turn, has a beamer on it, an electronic identifier which reads the visitor cards and collects the contacts.

"Tap here if you want to share your contacts with this company"

Improving trading experiences

Data sharing
Relevancy allows the whole experience to change
The beamian system guarantees that the visitors’ data is shared in the most relevant way, only with those who have decided to do so. So, besides addressing all the GDPR requirements, it provides a more successful tranding experience after the event, through more meaningful follow-up actions. This is also bound up with the fact that the events go paperless, which also ensures that there is no loss of information. Moreover, with the introduction of smart badges, security increases and counterfeiting is nullified. 
Everyone wins with a digital transformation

Visitors can register or buy tickets online, and quickly check- in at the event.


Visitors can take advantage of a more interactive and action-based experience with the brands they want to, by simply tap their smart badge on the exihibitors’ stand.


Visitors can receive relevant and personalized offers, discounts and promotions based on their interactions. Besides that, they can always access the data they’ve shared during the event and also exercise the right to be forgotten under the GDPR.


Exhibitors can also register online for the event by filling out their business form with the company data they would like to make available to visitors.


The greatest added value is to have in hands an interactive lead capture tool which makes the exchange of contacts process more efficient and simple. The concern of carrying paper business cards make room and time for the sharing of experiences and to close deals more effectively.


They receive a list with the visitors’ contacts data with whom they’ve interacted and which can be used for business purposes.


Organizers can manage the fair by creating the event online throughout the beamian platform. This includes creating the pre-registration forms and having on their side the ticket sales process.


The organizers can also manage onsite activities, such as check-in processes, areas and access control, space occupancy, number of participants, number of established interactions, and so on.


The event insights data is delivered to the organizer, thus meaning valuable information for them and the possibility to organize future editions based on the collected data.

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