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Tools & Hybrid Solutions for Wine & Food Events

Enjoy from a hybrid event experience, offering both in-person and online options, and let your virtual audience still join in the fun.

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Hybrid events for stories of good taste

Load your products into an online platform and offer a virtual buying experience that can evolve to eCommerce 

Keep your in-person interactions safe by using paperless & contactless technology to mark tasted products & favorites

The beamian solution digitalizes processes and interactions for wine & food events by delivering a managed service with either on-site and off-site support, and it can be adapted to in-person or hybrid settings.

In-person & hybrid event features

Manage the whole buying experience within an integrated event platform

With smart badging, photographs and notes on tasted products are now needless
Visitors can digitally save their product preferences through a smart wine glass for wine tasting events, or a smart wristband for food tasting events
Exhibitors have an electronic device called beamer that also records attendees’ preferences for their products

Use Contactless Technology
for Memorable & Safe Experiences

Can you imagine a wine event with a memory of its own? Get to know the smart wine glass and how it's revolutionizing wine tastings.

See how everyone wins.


Visitors register online for the event and each one is identified at the check-in area by associating their data with a unique smart badge.


Visitors can save information about their favorite products with a simple touch of their smart badge on the exhibitor’s beamer.


Visitors receive an email with a list of their favorite products, its respective brands and the option to go ahead with an online buying experience.


Exhibitors can also register online for the event by filling out their business form and the contact details they would like to make available to visitors.


The lead management for exhibitors is now a simpler and efficient process. The beamer allows to collect each visitor’s preferences, as well as their respective contacts, with the proper consent.


Having access to event data provides a great indicator about each brand’s performance, enabling them to strengthen their relationships with consumers or even acquire new customers in a more relevant way.


Data sharing for event organizers is another great value provided by technology. They can manage the event online by creating it inside the beamian platform.


The organizers can also manage onsite activities, such as check-in processes, areas and access control, space occupancy, number of participants, number of established interactions, and so on.


The data analytics is delivered to the organizer, thus creating an evaluation opportunity for them and the possibility of organizing future events based on the collected data.

Interesting in provide a revolutionary attendee experience for your next wine & food event? Get to know the best event technology solutions for either live or hybrid event scenarios.

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