Corporate & Brand Events

A maximized experience for participants and an innovative way to manage event onsite activities for brand organizers.

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Brands don´t just happen. Your event shouldn't too.

Create your event from start to finish through an integrated online platform that allows you to manage online registration, check-in process and controlling accesses for different sessions or workshops.

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What does a brand event looks like with beamian? 

Let’s outline the event experience from the beginning.

Improving participant's experience while gathering valuable event insights
The beamian system makes available a tool to manage online registration for corporate events, attendance control in real time, such as the number of check-ins that have already happened, the number of attendees at specific conferences or sessions, the number of shared contacts, and other interactions that are recorded electronically through the smart badge. Collecting these data is contactless, paperless and means that you are able to measure your event success and ROI.

Less paper. More information

This partnership resulted in a modernization of our event’s check-in process, it streamlined the way we send information to participants and it allowed the collection of structured data for future analysis.

Alexandra RochaMarketing & Communication, Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Everyone wins with a digital transformation

Participants register online or buy tickets for the brand event and each one is identified at the check-in area by associating their data with a unique smart badge.


People can easily interact by simply tap their smart badge on the beamer, an electronic device that can identify specific exhibitors, brands or even spaces and products.


Participants take advantage of an online buying experience, being able to receive relevant offers, discount and promotions based on their interactions. They can even access their data and exercise legal rights whenever they wanted.


Brands can manage their own events by creating it online throughout the beamian platform. This includes creating the pre-registration forms and having on their side the ticket sales process (if applicable).


The event experience can include brand activation ideas focusing on digital transformation, gamification and social engagement.


Having access to event insights data provides a great indicator about the event success and ROI. The collected data is also a relevant tool to nurture a highly segmented database afterward.

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